Iro Kanakaris

A former farmer and something of a tinkerer, Iro is convinced that, given enough time and research, he can find out what actually causes magic and how to harness it to work with technology for the betterment of everyone. He finds the bias against magic (and magic-users) to be entirely unscientific, and his curiosity about such taboo subjects is what drove him out of his small town after he returned from a trip into the city to find his family farm burned and his family missing.

Favorite drink: Sassafras root beer.

Played by: Brendan McLeod

“Fancy” Nancy Vanderbilt

An ironically far-sighted seer, Nancy was orphaned at an early age through mysterious circumstances that still haunt her years later. Now, she makes her way through a combination of her genuine gifts and conning overly-gullible rich people out of a few coins for a séance here and there.

Favorite drink: Between the sheets. 

Played by: Jennifer Alexander

Fox Bodega

Fox didn’t grow up in Serendipity City, but instead came to it later on in life. In his teenage years, his brother started seeing things and being tormented by some kind of otherworldly entity. Nobody believed him, except for Fox, and shortly afterwards, he disappeared. Fox made it his personal mission to figure out what happened and if his brother is still alive – and if not, who needs to pay. 

Favorite drink: Piña colada.

Played by: Orion

Vexx Villemont

Vexx came to Serendipity City at the ripe ol’ age of 17, looking to escape the prejudice she was experiencing back in her hometown after her magical powers started to show themselves. She’s a hard-drinking, motorcycle-riding magic user with a collapsible baton/staff and a soft spot for the local street urchins. 

Favorite drink: Tequila with lime. 

Played by: Gloria Walker

Charles Chapelle

Born in Serendipity City, Charlie is a cynical clockmaker that lives in an apartment above the speakeasy/base of operations. Mostly, he’s annoyed that magic even exists, because it’s one more thing he has to manage. 

Favorite drink: Whiskey, neat. 

Played by: Evan Mora

Cast & Crew:

Michelle Nickolaisen

I’m the creator/god/DM of Serendipity City, because I don’t have enough things to do already. Previously, my RPG experience involved D&D 5E and listening to an ungodly amount of actual-play podcasts. When I’m not working on this podcast, I’m usually writing (either for clients or on other fiction projects), climbing things, playing with my pets, or watching/reading something fun.

Favorite drink: Basically anything that has both booze and citrus. Coffee and/or bubble tea, if it’s before 3 PM.

Find me around the web: Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr

Jennifer Alexander (aka “Fancy Nancy”)

Jennifer Alexander plays “Fancy” Nancy Vanderbilt in our podcast and is a different kind of character in real life. She splits her passions between being a wife, raising her two small children, her love of alternative fashion and all kinds of art forms, and being active in her spiritual pursuits. Quick with a smile and a kind word, her wit and sense of humor can surprise those who don’t know her well, but always in a positive way.

Favorite drink: Coffee

Find Jennifer around the web: Instagram

Evan Mora (aka “Charlie”)

Evan Mora is a multiskilled MacGuyver of a man, splitting his time between playing Charles (as a first-time tabletop gamer), photography, and working at a bar in downtown Austin. When he’s not taking photos, working, playing, or being called in to solve some friend’s crisis at the last moment, he’s often found bouldering or on his bike.

Favorite drink: Any half-decent whiskey

Find Evan around the web: Instagram, photography portfolio

Gloria Walker (aka “Vexx”)

Gloria has played tabletop RPGs before (namely Pathfinder & D&D), but Serendipity City is her first actual-play podcast appearance (at least for the time being – watch this space!). She also runs another podcast of her own, GASH, where she interviews women of note about women they admire.

Favorite drink: Thai tea

Find Gloria around the web: Instagram, GASH

Brendan McLeod (aka “Iro”)

Brendan McLeod is a professional game designer, a board games enthusiast, and a scholar of antiquity. His weekly D&D adventures are live-streamed weekly on as “We Are FOXHOUND,” which has just celebrated its 4-year anniversary. He will stop everything he’s doing the moment that he sees a dog.

Favorite drink: Coffee (…there seems to be a running theme here)

Find Brendan around the web: Twitch, We Are FOXHOUND, Twitter

Orion (aka “Fox”)

Orion is new to podcasts and tabletop gaming, but he’s picking it up pretty fast! When he’s not at the gaming table, he’s usually found doing something artsy or sleeping in extra late.

Favorite drink: Apple juice